AoIP Stream Monitor - The world’s first true AES67 monitoring & inspection tool.

Modern broadcasting facilities have embraced the AES67 standard for AoIP networking. Lawo AoIP Stream Monitor keeps you informed of the state of your most critical program streams with real-time confidence metering, LUFS metering, silence sense, audio level alerts and more – perfect for system diagnostics or Master Control monitoring.


AoIP Stream Monitor displays information at-a-glance for up to 16 streams containing multiple channels of audio. Average and peak bargraph meters for each channel are onscreen constantly, accompanied by a level readout in Loudness Units, and visual alarm indications for under-level, over-level and error states.

Clicking on any stream display populates multiple information tabs, enabling users to see statistics for stream jitter, packet loss and data errors, view loudness over time, and, if dual network connections (ST2022-7) are present, compare statistics from both NICs. A detailed SDP information tab allows SDP data to be copied and pasted into other system applications. You can even audition streams using your PC’s built-in audio card. AoIP Stream Monitor is the AoIP diagnostic tool you’ve been waiting for.


  • Monitors 16 critical AES67 streams with up to 128 total audio channels per instance.
  • Tracks loudness compliance and stream health over time.
  • Under- and over-level loudness alarms, with user-definable alert thresholds per stream.
  • Downloadable file-based error report.
  • ST2022-7 compatibility allows monitoring dual-redundant network connections.
  • Works on Windows® 10 PCs.
  • VMWare compatible for multi-instance deployment on virtual machines.
  • Essential tool for system installers, integrators, facility engineers.


  • Runs on 64-bit Windows® 10 operating system.
  • 16:9 monitor with full-HD screen resolution or better required.
  • 1x Gigabit LAN connection required.
  • ST2022-7 monitoring requires second Gigabit NIC.



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