The control and monitoring of OB Vans or complex studio facilities is paramount to the success of broadcasters worldwide. The interoperability between different facilities remotely connected or hardware coming from different vendors is a must to broadcasters to cope with the ever changing demands and productions in the live business. In order to give the broadcasters production tools to streamline and fasten their workflows Lawo develops a variety of broadcast control and monitoring tools. With our products VSM, theWALL or our SNMP manager vSNMP Broadcasters can work with ease on daily productions. They don’t have to think about the technology behind the production, our tools take care of that, thus giving them the freedom to focus on the creative part of the business and relaying on or technology, even in mission critical environments.

The Lawo control products currently consist of

VSM – THE Broadcast Control System
vSNMP – Control with an easy to use SNMP Manager
vsmSOUL - Seamless Orchestration and Unification Layer
vsmGear  - Control Interfaces - Easy control and connectivity




THE broadcast control system.

VSM is a IP-based broadcast control system that can be utilized in all fields of broadcasting, from Live production in studios and OB Vans to Radio or TV MCRs. With its flexible unique system design VSM gives its users the freedom to streamline their production workflows and to concentrate on the content side of the broadcast business.




Seamless Orchestration and Unification Layer

Orchestration and control play an essential role in the IP-based audio and video infrastructures used for live broadcast
production, where the demand for predictable system behavior is essential.



Easy Monitoring.

VSM brings the world of control and monitoring together with an easy-to-use SNMP Manager. vSNMP allows the user to manage, control and monitor all compliant SNMP devices on a network.




Panels and Interfaces.


With the related Hardware Control Units and Control Interfaces we ensure easy and sophisticated control of the VSM functions. Additional Hardware Interfaces provide easy connectivity and interoperability with third-party devices (serial, physical GPIOs) and offer further options like UMDs.

Panels and Interfaces