Automated mixing control for close-ball mixing

KICK is a unique, patent-pending, automated audio mixing technology that redefines the audio production for major live sports events that use a ball – soccer, rugby and football. Interfaced to popular image analysis and tracking systems, KICK guarantees a consistent, fully-automated, high-quality, close-ball audio mix.

Its intuitive graphical user interface allows easy adjustment of all parameters, e.g. placement of microphones, polar patterns or mic prioritization. KICK is available as a software-only solution for productions using Lawo mc² consoles, as well as a hardware bundled solution for productions using other manufacturers’ audio mixers.

Key Features

  • Consistent high-quality close-ball mix
  • Compatible with most tracking systems
  • Significantly reduced rumble & crowd noise
  • Transparent sound with high kick-to-noise ratio
  • Very consistent in level, no audible fades, easy to integrate in the overall mix
  • Highly accurate, even after 90 minutes
  • Mix 100% repeatable from match to match
  • Compatible with most tracking systems


  • Standard PC (Win7, Win8) for the host application
  • HTML5 capable browser for the user interface
  • Optional Lawo mc2 Micro Core hardware processing engine for productions using  non-Lawo consoles (19”, 3 RU, 12.3 kg, interfacing to host console via MADI and/or RAVENNA / AES67)

Subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the details provided.

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KICK for mc² series consoles

Senior Product Manager Christian Struck explains KICK, the automated mixing control for close-ball mixing. Have a look ....