Theater / Live

Theater performances or opera, classical masterpieces or rock hymns, indoor or open air concerts…

The mixing consoles of the mc² series turn a concert or theater evening into a true listening experience. With the best technology for the finest shows, they provide features that make it easy for an FOH sound engineer to enthuse a discriminating audience. True to the “big performance with a small footprint” motto, the Lawo consoles fit into even the tightest spots, using up little space in the hall—which means more seats for the audience.

Of course we are proud of the exponential adoption of our cutting-edge network, audio, video and control solutions. But we are even more amazed by how creatively they can be deployed and by the benefits they afford. Pushing the outside of the IP envelope is a team effort that requires input from forward-thinking users, visionary R&D engineers and dedicated, creative project planners.

The Lawo team would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to the outfits and individuals who contributed to these case studies. Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel that your project is based on interesting aspects that you would like to share with fellow users and the Lawo team!


Musical Productions With The Lawo mc² 56 Console


Monty Python’s Spamalot Musical in Antwerp (Belgium)

Leveraging the Musicality of Lawo’s mc2 36 Console


Luca Carboni’s Sputnik Tour 2018-19 (Italy)

Harnessing the Power of d&b Soundscape with a Lawo mc² 56 Console


Ravenna Festival 2019 report