Lawo unveils new A__line models for its line of WAN-capable audio-over-IP nodes

17.09.2019 - 14:04

In a world premiere at IBC, Lawo’s A__madi6 and the A__digital64 joined the German broadcast innovator’s A__line series of WAN-capable Audio-over-IP nodes. These new nodes are focused on converting AES3 and MADI into the SMPTE 2110-30/31 Audio-over-IP standard for real time transport over LAN and WAN networks.

The new A__digital64 node supports 32 AES inputs, including Sample Rate Conversion and 32 AES Out in a 3RU footprint. An additional redundant pair of MADI ports and two Dual Media streaming ports with support for WAN-compatible ST 2022-7 class C seamless protection switching complete the audio IO. With ST2110-10 compliant PTP clocking support, additional wordclock IO, GPIO and a dedicated management port, the A__digital64 integrates seamlessly into both hybrid and IP-centric broadcast installations.

A__madi6 bundles three independent MADI-IP bridges onto a single RU, powered by an A__line default redundant power supply. Each bridge features two bi-directional MADI ports on SFP and two Dual Media Ethernet ports for streaming and control. Like all other A__line nodes, A__madi6 features internal audio routing matrices, tight integration with Lawo’s VSM broadcast control system via the open Ember+ protocol, and a comprehensive web interface for configuration.

“Whenever faced with a broadcast system that needs to gradually shift from baseband to IP, we witness that digital audio conversion is crucial to bridge between the worlds in a hybrid environment,” confirms Lawo’s Senior Product Manager Networked Audio, Stephan Tuerkay. “With these new product additions, with the latest extension of our proven A__line series we are providing a rich-featured digital audio conversion at an attractive price point.”