R3LAY VRX is the ideal tool for PC-based content production, turning existing PCs into easy-to-use production workstations. Instead of producing in a few, dedicated edit suites, the standalone software solution R3LAY VRX allows a decentralized workflow with journalists producing in parallel on their standard newsroom workstations, covering scenarios like soundbite editing, recording from internet livestreams, TV or radio programs, and conducting phone interviews.

All of this can be done without moving to a dedicated studio or edit suite. Phone signal, microphone signal, summing bus - everything is available at a glance, laid out as the user would expect. No need to worry about audio sources and connections, as R3LAY VRX takes care of it.

To maintain a consistent user experience, also within edit suites, R3LAY VRX is perfectly suited for managing voice recordings and live interviews, including external lines or codecs. R3LAY VRX even allows laptops to become mobile audio workstations with all the features needed to produce on location at press conferences, hotel rooms or sporting and special events.

With R3LAY VRX, broadcasters can optimize their content production workflows by enabling less technically trained journalists or news editors to produce more independently, resulting in more content in less time.

R3LAY VRX+Bundle

Radio. In the Bag.

R3LAY is a Virtual Radio Mixer – a bona-fide, radio-studio console running in a virtualized PC environment with an easy-to-use, intuitive, multitouch-enabled screen interface.

What does it do? Everything a traditional radio console can do, and more. R3LAY is a fully-featured portable studio, complete with analog and digital I/O and 4- or 8-fader Virtual Mixer. Just tuck your touchscreen laptop loaded with R3LAY software into the heavy-duty R3LAY backpack along with your OnAir 4 audio interface, grab your favorite mic and headset, and you’re ready to make great radio from just about anywhere. R3LAY is perfectly suited to:

  • Breaking News Coverage
  • Sporting Events
  • Sponsored Remote Broadcasts
  • Air Talent Home Studios
  • Livestream Origination
  • Podcast Production
  • Disaster Recovery or Emergency Broadcasts
  • "Pop-up” remote broadcasts from wherever your listeners are

Using a variety of plug-in apps from R3LAY partners, R3LAY virtual mixers can actually take care of broadcast chores that a traditional console would require extra rack-mount hardware to perform. And of course, R3LAY connects with standard Audio-over-IP hardware that supports the RAVENNA / AES67 networking standard. In fact, some clients have told us that R3LAY is so powerful, they’ll use it for in-station as well as on-the-go applications. R3LAY “Radio In A Bag” includes 4- or 8-Fader Virtual Mixer software, OnAir4 audio I/O interface and heavy-duty travel backpack; Windows® 10 laptop (user-supplied) is required.

How will you use R3LAY? The possibilities may just be endless. For more ideas, visit www.R3LAY.com

Key Features

  • Virtual Radio Mixer runs on a standard PC
  • Light and portable – goes anywhere
  • A__OnAir4 stereo interface with mic, line & digital I/O
  • GPIO via open-source Ember+ control protocol
  • AES67 / RAVENNA compliant
  • 4-fader & 8-fader versions
  • Supports native PC audio (ASIO, WASAPI, WDM, MME)
  • Mix-minus (clean feed) with Talkback
  • On-screen control of user shortcuts and mixer snapshots control protocol
  • Plug-in software apps – processing, playout, codec, phones and more

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