vsmTally is a proven, feature-complete tally system, which is seamlessly integrated into vsmStudio and is affordable for any budget. When operating a VSM control system, there is no separate tally system need. vsmTally provides 32 independent tally paths, including common tally colors plus a variety of customizable colors and usages. The large amount of independent tally  channels allows to allocate channels for indication of other VSM status information, like e.g. silence detection or alarms.

The configuration of vsmTally is very easily done within the primary matrix view of vsmStudio, where a live tally status is also indicated. For interfacing with vision mixers, multi-viewer systems and other 3rd party systems, vsmTally provides a wide range of control protocols, including TSL (3.1, 4.0 or 5.0), ImageVideo and classic GP-I/O.

vsmTally Overview

  • Feature-complete Tally system, fully integrated into vsmStudio
  • Maximum Tally functionality with minimal configuration effort
  • 32 independent tally paths, including red, green, yellow and blue tally
  • Straight forward 3rd party interfacing using common protocols (TSL 3.1, 4.0, 5.0, ImageVideo, … ) and GPI
  • Live tally visualization within vsmStudio’s primary matrix view
  • Enhanced usage possible, e.g. in combination with internal alarm management



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