VSM - The Broadcast Control System

A VSM control system brings together all the requirements for a safe and flexible broadcast operation. The “everything under one roof” philosophy unites technical devices and operators in a most adaptable way. User panels and interfaces can be configured without limitation to meet the requirements of different workflows and applications, while the whole system is under redundant control.

The IP infrastructure of a VSM network, including all control panels, interfaces and external devices, guarantees easy installation. All the advantages of IP connectivity, such as its high data performance and standard management components, increase the power of a complete broadcast system. As a unique feature, real time feedback from every single crosspoint and parameter is available, as well as special applications such as audio metering via the protocol. All VSM user interfaces display the confirmed action from an attached device, for example, a router. This guarantees maximum transparency for every operator and every control unit. Additionally, a global naming facility for mixers, UMDs, user panels and many other devices provides status information at a glance.


One Independent Control System - Full System Control Under One Umbrella

Making the most out of available budgets, technology and personnel resources are hot topics for both engineers and management in today’s modern broadcast environment. With technology advancing so fast, protecting investments in professional broadcast hardware over the long term becomes a harder challenge day by day.

Combine this with the need to simplify operational tasks and workflows to increase efficiency, without compromising on-air quality and security, and the importance of investing in flexible core infrastructures becomes even more apparent. The key to addressing all these topics revolves around a single sophisticated layer of control throughout an entire system.

Imagine having an independent control and monitoring system that allows operation, configuration and system integration of your chosen broadcast equipment and third-party devices.

The concept separates hardware technology decisions from the operational control requirements therefore allowing core hardware components to be freely exchanged without changing interfaces or workflows for operational and technical staff. Training costs and time can be saved due to a single control system administrational interface that handles the control and setup of numerous devices.

Abstracting the control parameters of many devices into a single control layer provides a platform to freely create workflows and user interfaces specifically optimized to simplify operational tasks without reference to the hardware behind. The VSM control system offers an extensive system integration toolbox that allows the customer to easily change interfaces without manufacturer support, giving peace of mind that the system will be able to adapt and grow as needs and requirements change over time.

vsmStudio - Power and Configurability In Your Hands

vsmStudio software is the heart of the VSM system and the main administration and configuration tool that runs continuously on all VSM servers in the system. From here, an easy-to-use GUI provides all the functions, tools and setup wizards to control and customize your VSM system to your specific application and workflow needs. Additionally, all connected hardware settings and statuses are shown in real-time, with instant control and feedback.

After initial assistance and factory support with custom configuration to mold the product into the project specific requirements, the customer is trained on the toolbox so that changes to all parts of the system can be handled without further factory support. As your needs change, the full power and configurability of VSM is in your hands. In addition, technical staff need only learn one system interface to control numerous devices, saving time and money in training.

vsmStudio Overview

  • Heart of the VSM family of products
  • User-friendly software to handle all configuration, administration and central control
  • Configuration changes occur in real-time with no download or need for the system to be offline
  • Offline configuration possible
  • Remote access, control and support with standard secure IT solutions
  • Multiple server redundancy synchronization and seamless changeover
  • True real-time status monitoring of attached devices
  • Virtual matrix view allows all router layers to be combined, organized and controlled in custom XY views
  • Redundant 3rd party driver connection engine for peace of mind
  • Monitoring and control can be combined into a single workflow maximizing response times

vsmStudio - Features & Options


INTEGRATED FEATURES (Full Licence Version)

  • vsmTALLY: Generates Tally, combines it with external triggers and sends Tally to external consumers. Replaces stand-alone tally systems.
  • GPI: Provides a powerful logic toolset to create custom workflows.
  • GADGETS: Controls an unlimited amount of external device parameters.
  • META GADGETS: Allow to “link” any parameter to a source or destination for direct access.
  • VIRTUAL SIGNALS: Creates „re-entries“ without using physical resources of a router.
  • VIRTUAL LAYERS: Provides a crosspoint matrix via control protocol (e.g. SW-P08) to the outside to be remote controlled by automation systems.
  • STORAGE GROUPS: Create, load and save your preset incl. Labels, Crosspoints, GPO states, Parameters and Panel layouts using the Mimic Button.
  • PSEUDO DEVICES: Link Video/Audio/TC/RS-422 signals into a switchable overall bundle, e.g. to create Audio follows Video rules, Stereo switching rules.
  • EVENT SCHEDULER: Enables time based switching of events, e.g. crosspoint salvos.
  • APOLOGY: Alarms can trigger an automatic recovery to Backup conditions.
  • ALARMS: Collect and process alarms coming via SNMP, GPIO or native protocol.
  • TIMERS: Configurable up/down timers with multiple triggers to run actions


  • BOXING: Disaster recovery and Studio switchover by a single button push.
  • POOLING: Automatic management and insertion of pooled processing paths into your signal chain.
  • SDP STREAM PATCHING: Enables basic SDP transfer for multicast stream patching.
  • EMBER+ GATEWAY: Functionality to provide vsmStudio internal parameters to 3rd party controllers.
  • vSNMP ADD-ON: Master Licence to monitor SNMP messages within VSM.

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