From the old days to today

The history of Lawo

Lawo designs and manufactures pioneering network, control, audio and video technology for broadcast and post production, as well as live performance and theatrical applications. Products include control and monitoring systems, digital audio mixing consoles, routers, video processing tools as well as solutions for IP-based A/V infrastructures and routing systems. All products are developed in Germany and manufactured according to highest quality standards at the company's headquarters in the Rhine valley town of Rastatt, Germany.

From the analog mixing consoles in the 1970s to the development of the programmable audio console PTR to the first fully digital mixing consoles of the mc series and the network-capable mc² series - Lawo has set milestones again and again and has acquired an excellent reputation as innovative company. The latest milestone marks the presentation of video processing and control solutions.



  • February 2019: UK Subsidiary opened
  • February 2019: Lawo Debuts New A__stage WAN-Capable AoIP Stagebox Series
  • February 2019: Big Fader Count, Small Footprint: Third-Generation Lawo mc²56 Production Console Intros Dual Fader Bay
  • April 2019: Claudia Nowak additional Director of the Board
  • April 2019: At NAB Lawo introduced its new LiveView™ Decoding Engine which enables the V__matrix vm_dmv multiviewer to show both production (ST2110/ST2022-6) and compressed transmission (HEVC/H.264/MPEG/OTT) formats on the same screen for complete end-to-end visibility.
  • April 2019: Lawo Introduced Touchscreen Talent Panel at NAB 2019
  • July 2019: Extended Management introduced: Philipp Lawo (CEO), Claudia Nowak (CFO), Jamie Dunn (CCO), Ulrich Schnabl (COO), Phil Myers (CTO), Christian Lukic (CSCO)
  • August 2019: Lawo Debuts World’s First AES67 Stream Monitoring Software
  • August 2019: Lawo successfully passed JT-NM Interop Test
  • September 2019: Lawo debuts Power Core MAX, the AES67 mixing engine that supports up to four independent Lawo mixing surfaces
  • September 2019: With A__madi6 and A__digital64, Lawo unveils new A__line models for its line of WAN-capable audio-over-IP nodes
  • September 2019: Lawo introduces the mc²96 Xtra Fader Version, providing an increased fader count in the Central Control Section
  • September 2019: Lawo introduces V__matrix 1.10 with SD/HD/3G/UHD up/down/cross and HDR/SDR color space conversion plus brand-new V__matrix Silent Frames
  • European Parliament wins ‘Public Sector Project of the Year’ at AV Awards in London with Lawo


  • April 2018: Premiere at NAB for the mc²56 Production Console - Third Generation - A Global Standard Re-Defined ... Futuristic. Flexible. Formidable
  • April 2018: Premiere at NAB for the vm_dmv64-4 - World’s 1st Infinitely Expandable True IP Multiviewer
  • April 2018: Premiere at NAB for the Lawo smartDASH System Monitoring and Realtime Telemetry
  • April 2018: Premiere at NAB for the Lawo smartSCOPE Deep Packet Inspection & Network Analyzer
  • September 2018: Premiere at IBC for the A__UHD Core IP DSP Engine for mc² consoles
  • September 2018: Premiere at IBC for the vm__UDX – 4K Format Converter for the V__matrix Platform
  • September 2018: Premiere at IBC for the PowerCore RP IP Node for Lawo mc² consoles in remote production roles
  • September 2018: Premiere at IBC for the WAN-capable Audio-over-IP interfaces
  • September 2018: Premiere at IBC for the addition of a Dante interfacde for the Lawo PowerCore.
  • September 2018: Premiere at IBC for the "Touch-Countrol Everywhere" vsmWebPanel


  • February 2017: Premiere at ISE for the V__pro8 8-channel video processing toolkit
  • April 2017: Premiere at NAB for the mc²96 Grand Audio Production Console for IP video production environments
  • April 2017: Premiere at NAB for the ruby radio desk with console and touchscreen operation
  • April 2017: Premiere at NAB for V__matrix multiviewer VMs vm_mv24-4 and vm_mv16-4
  • April 2017: Premiere at NAB for Lawo's Seamless Orchestration and Unification Layer (SOUL)
  • September 2017: Introduction of LIME Immersive Mixing Engine for mc² Consoles at IBC Amsterdam
  • September 2017: With the season 2017, KICK has become compulsory for audio production of all Bundesliga soccer matches


  • January 2016: L-S-B becomes Lawo
  • January 2016: ABS becomes Lawo
  • April 2016: Premiere at NAB for V__matrix - Software-defined IP-Routing & Processing Platform
  • April 2016: Premiere at NAB for R3LAY Virtual Radio Mixer - Radio. In the bag
  • September 2016: Introduction of the mc²56 XC console at IBC Amsterdam
  • September 2016: KICK 2.0 and Lawo's motorized microphone stands presented at IBC


  • April 2015: Lawo introduces IP Remote Production Kit for Video and Audio based on V__remote4 and Compact Engine for remotely controlled low-latency on-site monitoring
  • April 2015: At NAB, Lawo presents the new A__Line Audio-over-IP
  • Internface and the new mc²56 XT console
  • April 2015: At Prolight+Sound, Lawo presents its new compact I/O
  • September 2015: Lawo redefines Audio Sports Production with KICK
  • September 2015: Premiere at IBC of Lawo's Plug&Play IP/MADI Router and of sapphire compact radio console
  • December 2015: Lawo founds AIMS together with GrassValley and Imagine to ensure sustainable transition to IP


  • April 2014: Lawo launches crystalCLEAR virtual radio mixing console with touch-screen operation
  • April 2014: Lawo presents IP-based camera hubs using V__link4
  • September 2014: Lawo introduces mc²36 All-in-One audio mixing console at IBC


  • April 2013: Lawo presents the Nova73 compact routing system and mixing console core
  • September 2013: Lawo presents at IBC the V__link4
  • September 2013: Lawo presents the Lawo Commentary Unit
  • October 2013: Lawo honored with “Emmy Engineering Plaque”


  • March 2012: Lawo is "Supplier of the mixing console for Formula One host production"
  • June 2012: Lawo equipment used for the EURO by ARD Radio
  • July/August 2012: More than 50 Lawo systems in London for sports programme production
  • September 2012: Lawo launches at IBC the new generation mc²56
  • September 2012: Lawo presents the V__pro8, Lawo's first video product


  • March 2011: Lawo is "Supplier of the mixing console for Formula One host production"
  • August 2011: Lawo presents mc² v4.14 release, offering for the first time integrated Loudness Metering; furthermore the mc²66 Extra Faders Option is supported
  • November 2011: Lawo integrates Innovason brand in their portfolio


  • January 2010: official opening of the production facilities in the new Lawo building
  • February 2010: more than 50 Lawo systems in use at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver and Whistler
  • March 2010: Lawo is "Supplier of the mixing console for Formula One host production"
  • March 2010: Lawo cooperates with Optocore
  • June/July 2010: more than 50 Lawo systems produce international and national sound at world's football event in South Africa
  • September 2010: Lawo presents at the IBC the new Radio OnAir Mixing console sapphire and the Nova29 matrix system
  • October 2010: Lawo celebrates 40th birthday with about 350 guests from the broadcast industries


  • January 2009: Lawo is honored with a Silver Award at the "29th German Economy Innovation Awards"
  • March 2009: Lawo is the "Supplier of the mixing console for Formula One host production"
  • April 2009: Lawo presents its own Plug-in Collection
  • September 2009: Lawo presents the new mc²66 at IBC Amsterdam
  • December 2009: Extension of Lawo HQ premises with new buildings


  • March 2008: Lawo is the "Supplier of the mixing console for Formula One host production"
  • April 2008: Launch of the mc²56 at the NAB in Las Vegas
  • June 2008: mc²90 and mc²66 consoles used for broadcasting the EURO
  • August 2008: in Beijing, at this year's biggest international sports event, more than 50 mc² consoles on site produce about 70% of all international feeds
  • September 2008: Launch of the new crystal console at IBC Amsterdam


  • May 2007: Lawo equipment broadcasts Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki


  • February 2006: Torino gets going - Lawo provides the sound of the Olympics to Finland
  • May 2006: Launch of the mc²90 at the AES Paris
  • June 2006: FIFA World Cup GermanyTM  
    The audio of the commentators is supplied via Nova73 HD and the worldfeed produced in surround with two mc²66 consoles


  • The broadcast and live console mc²66 sets new standards in functionality, ergonomics and cost-efficiency


  • The mini mixer z4 with 4 stereo channel completes the product range
  • Presentation of the mc²HD technology with 96kHz
  • Presentation of the Nova73 HD routing system


  • Presentation of the new mixing console zirkon  
  • Presentation of the modular and low-priced matrix system Nova17


  • Presentation of the modular matrix system SAM (Smart Audio Matrix)


  • Lawo Gerätebau GmbH becomes Lawo AG


  • Presentation of the mc² series with linear audio networking via ATM
    (more than 50 systems in operation)


  • Take-over and further developments of the successful diamond series
    (more than 100 systems in operation)


  • Development of the fully digital and modular mc series
    (more than 100 systems in operation)


  • Development of the programmable audio mixing console PTR with analog signal processing and digital control (hybrid audio mixing console)


  • Development of electronic sound processors  (Vocoder, Halaphon, etc.)
  • Development and manufacture of analog modules and modular mixing consoles based on broadcast cassettes


  • Peter Lawo founds in Rastatt / Germany an engineer's office for electronic equipment