Sveriges Radio NXG—Project Report

Based on its vision that today’s radio stations need to be a part of the daily life of their audience, relevant, and responsive in their news reporting, Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio, SR) came to the conclusion that the entire radio show needed to be closer to the audience. Ideally, this should be implemented with existing or, preferably, fewer resources.

SR had already launched internal projects aimed at changing the journalistic workflow and found that this required a new technical environment.

The purpose of the NXG project was to develop a next-generation on-air environment for self-operators on Swedish Radio’s local channels. The environment had to provide a much higher mobility level than before, while remaining simple and flexible enough to be handled by self-operators.

This Project Report discusses four scenarios that SR set out to analyze and the tools required for their implementation. The most important ingredient is Audio-over-IP (AoIP) for the entire audio infrastructure—not just the contribution aspects.

Given the lack of suitable products compliant with standard Audio-over-IP technology and the scope of the development project, SR saw the importance of encouraging vendors to develop equipment capable of servicing new needs for mobile and flexible self-operated on-air broadcasts.

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