VisTool Solo - Touchscreen Talent Panel Software

VisTool Solo is a lightweight GUI-builder software that lets you create graphical software control panels for producers, studio guests, hosts and operators. VisTool Solo turns Windows™ tablets into powerful touchscreen talent panels.


VisTool Solo provides a vector-based GUI toolkit filled with buttons, meters, switches, faders, timers and other objects you can use to build touchsensitive control panels. No more hardwired button panels needed — VisTool Solo gives talent a responsive, intuitive control environment that helps shows run smoother. Imagine the possibilities: custom panels for hosts, guests, producers and news stations, with the tools they need most. Headphone source selection. Mic on/off/mute buttons. Programmable event timers. Countdown clocks. Even virtual faders for peripheral audio devices.

Engineers can use VisTool Solo too – it’s perfect for remote control of routing crosspoints, loudness meters, silence alarms and more. VisTool Solo is portable, too: with a Wi-Fi connection, talent can take controls with them to wherever they work. No wires to run or cables to snag — just easy, intuitive control.




  • Multi-touch enabled control
  • Intuitive GUI optimized for fast-paced radio workflows
  • Available controls / displays include:
    • Large time-of-day clock
    • 3 event timers
    • 10 generic elements (Background, Graphics, Text)
    • 32 buttons (Box, Button)
    • 4 levels (Fader, Slider, Rotary)
    • 2 stereo meters (PPM, PPM2, EmBER+ peak meter, EmBER+ PPM, EmBER+ VU,
    • 2 correlation meters
    • 2 loudness meters
    • 2 loudness value labels
    • 2 LUFS value labels
    • 2 PPM value labels
    • 1 advanced element (web view)
    • 2 pages
    • 2 overlays

    Note: Above documents lists available features. Actual number of GUI elements available simultaneously is dependent upon PC resources.



  • Works on common Windows-based touchscreen tablets
  • Design custom, single-page multi-touch control screens
  • Use supplied vector graphic library, or import your own custom graphics
  • Easily connects to AES67 studio network via LAN or Wi-Fi
  • Build personal control pages tailored to talent’s unique workflows
  • Perfect for building confidence displays, meter panels or routing controllers



  • Runs on Windows tablets meeting these specs:
  • Intel Atom® x5 4-core CPU with benchmark of 1,250 points minimum (based on mobile CPU ratings from
  • 16:9 full-HD screen resolution or better recommended
  • 64-bit Windows® 10 operating system
  • 4GB RAM or greater 64GB storage or greater
  • Network connection (LAN or Wi-Fi).



Subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the details provided.

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