Audio Recording for Broadcast.

PC-based - Easy - Intuitive.
Voice and sound-bite recording is a daily routine in radio and TV production, where time to air is frequently a critical factor. From writing the script to the delivery of the finished track, there is no time to lose through unnecessarily complicated or unreliable equipment.

While the task itself is rather simple, most of the available tools are not. Widely used software solutions confront users with vast arrays of functions - more than are needed for a simple recording. And while everything is being set up and made ready, the deadline is drawing closer and closer.

Hardware recorders can provide the simplicity needed, but file delivery becomes quite a challenge. Manual audio file transfer from a memory card to a PC, re-auditioning and re-naming is error-prone and time-consuming. And too frequently, when needed urgently, other reporters have taken out all the available devices...

Meet EDIT VO, the simple software recorder tailored for broadcast needs. Running on a standard Windows PC, it combines the straightforward usability of dedicated hardware recorders with the advantages of instant file upload to an FTP server in a single application.

In fact, EDIT VO is so simple to use that your voice-talents and journalists gain the ability to produce independently, freeing up your audio staff for more challenging operations.

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