Nova73 compact

The little big router.

A large capacity for major tasks into 7RU.

A smaller version of the Nova73 HD, it convinces with its versatile performance spectrum, absolute service-friendliness and uncomplicated operation. All this despite its modest space requirements and attractive price. Compact in every respect.

Push-button performance.
Less space, lower costs, but a broad performance spectrum nonetheless. The newly developed Nova73 compact uses the same interface cards and offers the same redundancy as theNova73HD and the mc² series, but takes up only 7 RU in the rack. No less convincing than its performance is its handling simplicity - especially in day-to-day operation. As the youngest member of the Lawo family, the Nova73 compact features cutting-edge technology and can be used either as a stand-alone router or in combination with mixing consoles from the mc² series.

Simple yet versatile.

Up to ten I/O slots can be armed with MADI, ATM or RAVENNA interface cards. Alternatively, the same slots can be assigned to two AES 3 cards. These in turn can make up to 64 AES channels directly available to the Nova73 compact. Better still, in combination with an mc² series mixing console, a Nova73 compact fully equipped with five DSP cards puts over 600 DSP channelsat your disposal.

Small but Lawo.
A high degree of redundancy is a feature of all Lawo systems and one of their great advantages. The Nova73 compact is no exception, with a redundant power supply fitted as standard and the option of adding a further redundant router module.

Flexible and secure.
For its interface technology, the Nova73 compact relies on the tried-and-tested DALLIS I/O system with its wide variety of interfaces. DALLIS offers you an extensive choice of interface cards for your breakout boxes. The sheer diversity of these interface cards guarantees flexibility, allowing the modular system to integrate not only every conceivable type of audio signal but also everything from GPIO to control data (RS-422) as well as special SDI and intercom cards.

The highlights

  • 5120 x 5120 routing capacity (mono channels)
  • Up to 600 fully equipped DSP channels in Broadcast Mode
  • 10 slots for I/O and DSP modules (RAVENNA, MADI, ATM, AES, DSP)
  • Integrated AES3 connections via D-Sub (DB-25)
  • 19” / 7RU installation frame
  • Redundant implementation of router and power supply
  • Full card and port redundancy
  • Operates as a stand-alone router or a core for mixing consoles of the mc² series

Serial individuality.

Tailor-made solutions for large audio distribution systems.
High availability and reliability, great scalability and flexibility: Networks of Lawo Nova routers  enable efficient installation and operation of very large routing systems which are geographically far away from one another. By networking Lawo matrices, a nearly unlimited scalability can be achieved. Another benefit: The Nova network allows direct usage of public networks.

The most important highlights of networked Nova systems.
With Lawo you benefit from having a partner who understands your requirements to their very core. And who provides you with a comprehensive service for solutions from one source and a technology which also meets the highest of demands. That, for instance, means: thanks to networking matrixes, a nearly unlimited scalability can be achieved. Whether it is an entire radio station or temporary distribution system at a football world cup - your routing system can be adapted to your growing demands and is perfectly equipped for the tasks of the years ahead – an important point, also with regard to value retention and investment security.


Performance features

  • Configurable without interruption of operation
  • Integrated signal processing
  • Mono routing
  • Transparent transfer (Dolby-E compatible)
  • Clock-synchronised switching
  • 96kHz enabled
  • Operating voltage 85 V to 265 V AC, 47 Hz to 63 Hz


  • 19” / 7RU mounting frame
  • Dual-star backplane (STAR² architecture)
  • 2 slots for central modules
  • 10 slots for I/O modules
  • Active ventilation, temperature surveillance
  • Integrated power supply 85...265 V AC / 47...63 Hz
  • Active modules are hot-pluggable and accessible from the front
  • Weight: 14,5 kg (incl. red. PSU)


  • Router 5120x5120 mono

  • I/O modules for RAVENNA, MADI, SDH/STM-1 and AES3 (max. AES 64 I/O)

  • DALLIS I/O system for decentralised structures and further interfaces


DALLIS breakout boxes for decentralized structures and additional interfaces

  • Analogue Mic/Line (transformer or electronically balanced)
  • Headphones (incl. VCA interface)
  • AES/EBU (AES3)
  • MADI (AES10)
  • SDH / STM-1
  • 3G/HD/SD SDI (embedded audio) with SRC
  • ADAT® mit SRC
  • Data transfer via RS422, RS232, MIDI
  • GPI (Opto-couplers, relays, VCA)
  • IP-Codec

Transparent transmission (Dolby® E compatible)


  • Sampling rates 48/44.1 kHz and 96/88.2 kHz
  • Possible clock sources: Wordclock, RAVENNA, AES3, Video, MADI or ATM/SDH

  • Additional internal generator
  • Clock output with current system clock

  • Complies with AES11 Grade 2

Integrated signal processing

Integrated signal processing (DSP) with Gain/Phase, Balance, Mono Mixing and Silence Detect. Optionally also with:

  • EQ (parametric or graphic)
  • Dynamic units (Gate, AGC, Compressor, Limiter)
  • Delay (up to 10s)
  • Summing matrix (64 x 64 channels)
  • Timed faders
  • Signal monitoring


  • Control and configuration software included
  • Comprehensive control protocol Remote MNOPL (TCP/IP)
  • Integrated web server and SNMP for system diagnosis
  • Remote maintenance via VPN (ISDN available as option)



  • Redundant router card
  • Redundant I/O modules (configurable)
  • Double ports (depending on module)
  • Redundant link with the I/O-system DALLIS
  • Phase-redundant power supply
  • DSHS topology possible


Subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the details provided.

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RAVENNA Support.

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