The digital router for smaller configurations

Small in size, but big on performance — with Nova17 you benefit from the superb quality that you can expect from all Lawo routers. This audio router excels with the sort of features that, even in smaller configurations, assure completely professional results. Whether in broadcasting, production or theatre applications, thanks to its flexible technology, the Nova17 can be used for signal distribution as well as a format converter or MADI breakout box.

What counts are inner values

In addition to its outstanding quality, Nova17 has an extensive set of features within a broad performance spectrum. With Nova17 you can have up to 128 inputs/outputs; add up to six MADI ports to enable another 384 channels. All the channels are interconnectable and mono routing is possible for AES interfaces.

In addition, the system provides internal signal processing; gain control, a summing matrix and equalizer are just some of the many features that distinguish the Nova17 from a simple router.

More benefits

More benefits

  • STAR² technology provides fully redundant controller and routing matrix
  • Easy integration due to fibre MADI interfaces
  • 512 x 512 I/O, integrated DSP and programmable logic
  • Adaptive and cost efficient by modular design


Performance Features

  • Multiformat routing of audio and data signals

  • Integrated signal processing
  • Easy programmable logic core (free configuration)
  • Control via Ethernet (TCP/IP), CAN bus and serial interface

  • Transparent routing (mono routing) of digital signals (512x512 connects plus internal signals)


  • 3RU or 6RU system rack
  • 2 slots for mastercards16 slots for audio interfaces
  • 2 slots for GPIO and phantom power
  • Passive ventilationTemperature surveillance
  • Integrated power supply 100…240V AC / 48…62 Hz
  • Active modules can be replaced during operation


  • Analog Mic/Line (transformer or electronically balanced)
  • Headphones (including VCA interface)
  • AES/EBU (AES3) with or without sample rate converter
  • ADAT® (ADAT® is a registered trademark of Alesis, LLC and is used here under license).
  • HD/SD SDI (Embedded Audio)
  • Serial data transfer (RS232, RS422, MIDI)
  • GPIO (Opto-coupler, relay, VCA)
  • Optional: up to six MADI ports on the motherboard


  • Sampling rate of 48kHz or 44.1kHz, depending on mastercard type
  • Possible clock sources: wordclock, MADI and internal generator
  • Wordclock out


  • Configuration software
  • Operating software NovaConnect

Redundancy options

  • Second mastercard for redundant controller, routing matrix and DSP (manual switching)
  • Redundant power supply


  • Push-button operating units
  • Touchscreen operating software VisTool


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