Multiviewer Control made smart

theWALL is the tool you have always dreamed of for setting up and controlling multiviewers – smart, fast, easy and fun! With theWALL you can configure any monitor wall, route signals, change mosaic layouts or save and load user presets – all done by a comfortable app.

theWALL is the ideal solution for operators and EIC to flexibly configure monitor walls in OBs or studios. In the frantic live production environment with its demands for fast changing production and workflow setups, theWALL enables every member in the production team to change their monitor wall layouts in no time and on-the-fly.



Instead of operating specific multiviewer configuration software or asking the EIC for a time consuming change of a layout, you can change all kinds of multiviewers with just one tool. theWALL with its elaborate reformatting algorithms talks directly to the multiviewer hardware and enables easy access through a touchscreen optimized GUI for mobile control. The GUI runs on a HTML5 basis, thus being independent from any mobile device manufacturer. Users can run the software app on any modern stationary or mobile device possible, indifferent of its OS – iOS, Android, Windows, Linux. The majority of the functionality is comfortably operable via drag & drop and changes will be stored in a user managed environment, if required hosted in the cloud. Swapping productions from one OB to another or using preferred multiviewer setups in any control room – theWALL makes it possible.

Key features of theWALL are:

  • Easy change of multiviewer layout
  • Routing of signals via simple drag & drop
  • Automatic calibration of multiviewer resolution and aspect ratio
  • GUI based on HTML5 – platform independent
  • Save and load presets from database
  • Sophisticated user management for individualized presets
  • Comprehensive GUI with all drag & drop setup functionality
  • Multiviewer control from your mobile device

With theWALL, Lawo introduces the next level of efficiency and usability.

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Setting up and controlling multiviewers made easy.

Senior Product Manager Axel Kern shows how fast and simple multiviewer layouts can be changed with our software tool theWALL.
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