The all-in-one Production Console

With experience gathered over more than 40 years, Lawo is distinguished by its engineering and manufacturing of most reliable and most advanced audio mixing consoles available. Originally developed for broadcast environments with zero tolerance for failure, Lawo consoles are also widely chosen for their audio quality in theater, studio and live performance applications.

Easy - versatile - reliable. The mc²36 is the German company’s first all-in-one console, designed for maximum ease-of-use and “unbelievable” value-for-money, to make the benefit of this expertise available for an even broader group of users. The compact size, in-built DSP and I/0 make the console equally perfect for permanent installations with limited space and rental companies’ transportation demands.

Lawo mc²36 All-in-one Production console


Lawo quality – audio uncompromised
Like all Lawo consoles, the mc²36 is a precision tool designed to give uncompromised audio quality and maximum reliability. Beyond the feature set of a fully equipped audio console, the
mc²36 provides additional Lawo-specific features that improve the workflows and quality of any broadcast, theater production or live performance.

Lawo openness – future-proof by definition
While the mc²36 comes fully prepared for stand-alone operation, it is also equipped for expansion and networking with other mc²36/56/66 consoles or Lawo Nova audio routers.
A MADI tie-line port and three RAVENNA/AES67/ST2110-30/-31 Audio-over-IP ports provide future-proof connectivity for additional I/0 devices and networking.

Lawo flexibility – truly universal
And even though the mc²36 is ready-to-go, it is not limited to a fixed configuration. Any aspect of the console can be adapted to meet specific users’ needs. All production data can be easily saved on a USB-stick and transferred to another console – particularly convenient for rental applications.


A perfect symphony of hardware & software controls
The Lawo mc²36 was designed as a truly universal console with focus on its ease-of-use. The pleasing console geometry combines with perfectly integrated displays and controls, to
provide an ideal tool for various applications. The 21.5” full HD touch-screens work hand-in-hand with the touch-sensitive color-illuminated rotary encoders. E.g. the equalizer window will automatically pop-up when touching the equalizer encoders - and after adjusting the parameters the auto-close function will close the window without additional user action to restore the full overview.

The physical user interface
The Lawo mc²36 has a newly designed console Iayout. While looking familiar to existing mc² users, the console is now even more intuitive to novice users. lts new central user section is
extremely compact and combines easy access to all parameters with an enhanced overview.

The touch-screen user interface
Super-bright 21.5” HD touch-screens provide excellent overview of all aspects of the console, and allow immediate operation via touch-optimized dialog windows. For input patching, it is only necessary to touch the input section of the desired fader strip and select the source directly on the screen. Tasks such as VCA allocation, bus or aux assignments and mix-minus configurations are also performed intuitively via the touch-screen. Again, the console can be readily adapted to user’s requirements by adjusting the channel display accordingly - just choose and display those parameters that are important and hide any unnecessary or distracting elements. For example, you could de-select the track buses or show 16 instead of eight aux buses. The metering automatically scales to the maximum available space, showing all fader Ievels permanently on the HD display. ln addition, multi-row metering allows for permanent metering of signals from other layers or banks.


The mc²36 is a universal console, providing a comprehensive feature set for broadcast, theater, house of worship, live and install applications. To make this possible, Lawo has optimized its features to provide benefits not only for one application, but for all. The one common factor is that everything is optimized for fast-paced operation in demanding environments.

Ready for the road
With its all-in-one approach, the compact mc²36 is especially attractive for mobile productions and rental companies: Only one flightcase is required for console, DSP core and I/0. ln addition to the German quality chassis and electronics, the mc² 36 can be ordered in a heavy-duty flightcase version ready for the road. But its not just the hardware factors that make the mc²36 a perfect choice for rental companies – features like saving and loading configurations and show files easily via USB sticks are especially valuable in the rental and touring business, where several consoles and users might be involved.


Lawo sound has never been this affordable
Lawo consoles have been synonymous with excellence in audio quality for more than 40 years – and the mc²36 is no exception. From input to output, from its microphone preamps to its DSP processing algorithms, this console is a precision tool for any audio production, providing a Ievel of sound quality never before achieved in this price segment.

Onboard I/0
The Lawo mc²36 features integrated input and output connectivity to meet for a broad range of broadcast and install applications, as well as FOH and monitoring. The 32 Lawo microphone preamps are identical with those found on Lawo’s renowned 941/55 microphone card for DALLIS systems, providing an extremely linear frequency response of only 0.03dB between 20Hz and 20kHz and an unbelievably low THD of 0.0006%.

I/0 Overview

  • 32 Mic/Line inputs
  • 32 Line outputs
  • 8 digital AES3 inputs
  • 8 digital AES3 outputs
  • 8 GPIO
  • 1 MADI (SFP)
  • 3 RAVENNA/AES67/ST2110-30/-31
  • 1 Headphones

ln addition to the onboard inputs and outputs, a MADI tie-line connection and three RAVENNA/AES67/ST2110-30/-31 Audio-over-IP ports provide future-proof connectivity for up to 384 external inputs and outputs, resulting in a total capacity of 496 physical inputs and outputs. The mc²36 is fully prepared for intelligent networking with other mc²36/56/66 consoles. lt can also be operated in combination with Lawo Nova audio routers, giving instant access to thousands of audio channels. Lawo mc² consoles provide intelligent mechanisms, including user-right management to allow input sharing between several consoles.

If plenty is not enough…
The mc² Compact I/O is a convenient and cost-efficient way to expand the mc²36’s connectivity and to provide a distant stagebox solution in addition to the Onboard I/O. Connected via CAT5 or fiber (optional), the ruggedized 5RU stagebox provides 32 Mic/Line inputs, 32 Line outputs, 8 digital AES3 inputs, 8 digital AES3 outputs, 8 GPIO and a MADI (SFP) port. The mc²36 allows for connecting up to three mc² Compact I/O.

Integrated DSP Micro-Core
The Lawo mc²36 features a new, integrated DSP micro-core with an internal 512x512 port audio matrix. lt is super-compact and optimized for low power consumption using inaudible,
low-spinning fans for cooling. This is especially important in environments such as concert halls, where fan noise is obtrusive.
To provide maximum reliability, the mc²36 is not only equipped with redundant power-supplies but also redundant DSP cards – unprecedented at this price point. The DSP resources are fully flexible and can be allocated according to application. Depending on the selected DSP mode, the processing capacity ranges from 48 DSP channels (Recording Mode, providing 96kHz*/48kHz with DSP redundancy) to 192 DSP channels (Broadcast Mode, at 48kHz without DSP redundancy). Independent from the selected DSP mode, the engines provide completely
independent algorithms at all time, with no compromise in quality even when all channels are in use. With internal headroom of >1OOOdB and Lawo algorithms, the audio quality of further
processing is guaranteed throughout the signal chain.
As a result, the DSP flexibility and internal audio quality make the console truly universal: set it up to record a symphonic orchestra one day, and run a TV production the next.


*future option


Control Panel

  • Frames with 16, 24 and 40 faders
  • Six banks each with 2 layers
  • 100 mm fader + 1 freely assignable rotary knob + channel display for each fader with sensetriggered pop-up displays for modules
  • TFT metering: mono, stereo or up to 7.1 including bus assignment, gain reduction for dynamics, AfV status, VCA assignment, mix-minus
  • GUI page output, e.g. metering, on an external monitor
  • Eight central user buttons

Signal Processing

  • 40-bit floating point
  • Up to 184 inputs with A/B input, up to 32 sub-groups, 32 aux sends, up to 32 track buses, up to 16 main sums
  • Rapid switching of channel and bus to mono / stereo / surround
  • Up to 24 surround channels, 128 VCA groups with metering, 256 GPC channels
  • Surround formats: DTS / Dolby ® Digital 5.1, Dolby ® Pro Logic 4.0, DTS ES / Dolby ® EX 6.1, SDDS 7.1, DTS-HD 7.1, diverse panning characteristics, surround aux bus
  • Two AFL: 1 surround 8-channel, 1 stereo
  • Two PFL stereo
  • Audio-follow-Video with 128 events, control via Remote MNOPL, Ember+, GPI or matrix connection, envelope up to 10s fade time
  • Solo In Place
  • Permanent input meter beside fader, adjustable INPUT, PF, AF, DIROUT meter point in channel display
  • Loudness Metering according to EBU R128 and ATSC A/85, momentary or short term in every channel, integrated measurement on sum channels with display of integrated LUFS value in headline.
  • Modules: INMIX with MS decoder, digital amp, 2-band fully parametric filter, 4-band fully parametric EQ, 2-band fully parametric side-chain filter, insert, delay up to 1800 ms – switchable units: meters, milliseconds, frames, 4 independent dynamic modules: expander, gate, compressor, limiter, image, meter, direct out
  • AMBIT Upmix, available on every 5.1 channel, fully Downmix compatible
  • Inline configuration with send / return switching — per channel or global
  • Fully-equipped surround channel with coupling of all channel parameters and hyperpanning

Routing Matrix

  • 512x512 matrix, non-blocking
  • Up to 96 kHz, 24-bit
  • Level adjustment for all inputs and outputs
  • Downsizing from surround (up to 7.1) to stereo
  • Integrated monitoring devices for remote locations, e.g. director’s room
  • Networking with up to 14 Nova73 cores, share and import of sources and destinations, studio intervention

Waves Soundgrid® Integration

Waves Soundgrid® integration with storage of plug-in parameters in snapshot and production data


  • Mic / Line, Line Out, AES, SDI, HD-SDI,MADI, ATM, GPIO, Serial, MIDI, ADAT ®, RAVENNA/AES67, ST2110-30/-31 Audio-over-IP; for details see DALLIS and mc² Compact I/O product information
  • Stereo and surround monitoring systems


  • Input with automatic Blackburst and Wordclock detection


  • Redundant PSUs
  • Redundant DSP boards

Control Unit

  • Global A / B input switching
  • Enhanced mix-minus control with independent off-air conference
  • Fader control of all level parameters
  • Diverse tally and fader start modes
  • Program switch
  • Machine control
  • Audio-follow-Video, up to 128 camera tallies, Ethernet or GPI controlled
  • Camera mic remote via GPI or voltage control

External Control Systems

  • Remote control of all routing parameters via network
  • Ember+ control protocol integrated
  • Remote control of integrated CR monitoring
  • Online configuration with AdminHD, graphical configuration of signal list and I/O Box components
  • mxGUI: remote control via laptop/tablet PC
  • External matrix controllers: VSM, Evertz, Quartz, BFE, Pharos, Ross RAP, GV Ignite, Vizrt Mosart and others

Remote Maintenance

  • Connection via Internet remote software
  • Software updates, error diagnostics, remote assistance

Compact I/O

  • Height: 5RU / 220 mm / 8,7"
  • Width: 482,6 mm / 19"

Subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the details provided.

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