Monty Python’s Spamalot Musical In Antwerp

Live Productions with the Lawo mc² 56

This Case Study looks at how Lawo’s mc² 56 console can be used as an all-in-one desk not only for pristine FOH sound reinforcement and monitoring but also for distributing the stage manager’s announcements. Since the introduction of the theater feature set and all the convenient aspects that go with it, this desk has found a new audience, supporting audio engineers during events, theater plays, musical productions and even top-notch audio recordings.

Creative users like Twin4u in Belgium happily go one step further to leverage the mc² 56’s full potential by adding a custom breakout box for easy access of the desk’s local inputs/outputs and extended functionalities.

And there is more: “Intuitive operation is another area where the mc² 56 shines.” We wish you an inspiring read on the bright side of life!



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